About OFG


In an era of information overload, law librarians possess the expertise to find those golden nuggets of information that allow law firm leaders to make actionable decisions that benefit firms and clients alike.

Our Mission

The mission of On Firmer Ground is to promote the value that law firm librarians bring to the business and practice of law by providing an online forum for law librarians to share how they are providing innovative practice support, leveraging technology to provide process efficiencies that allow lawyers and support staff to work smarter and contributing to the bottom line by being effective business managers of the firm’s information resources and know-how.

On Firmer Ground aspires to foster creativity and collaboration in the problem-solving process by placing its focus on actual and interactive discussions among those within and connected to the law firm information industry. We believe in the positive power of collaboration between professionals as a means to better understand and appreciate the contributions we make collectively to the effective operation of law firms.

To further our emphasis on collaboration, On Firmer Ground will endeavor to bring together some of the leading national and international organizations for law firm librarians in a single platform to benefit our global industry.

The OFG Editorial Team:

Andrea Guldalian / Editor / Director of Library & Research Services Duane Morris LLP

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