Future Ready…Law Librarian?

By Sue Meklem, Reference Librarian in the Portland office of law firm Davis Wright Tremaine.  This article is reprinted with permission of Future Ready 365.

I recently attended my first SLA conference, which was a wonderful, stimulating experience. I attended some interesting Legal Division and CI sessions, heard thought-provoking speeches by Thomas Friedman and James Kane, met some great people, and came back feeling energized about the profession.

One of the best parts of attending the conference is that I finally feel like I “get” what Future Ready is all about within the context of working as a librarian in a large law firm. I’d frankly been a bit irritated with the whole idea, in great part because law firms are typically late adopters of technology and not known as innovators. (See Eric Mankin’s article “Innovation in Practice: Why’s It’s So Hard” to learn why firms are slow adopters.) I felt left out of the party because SLA was focusing on these wonderful technological advances and cool toys (e.g. 23 Things, the Innovation Lab) and as much fun as I had testing them out and playing with them, I couldn’t see much value for my law firm. Continue reading