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A law librarian’s experience of the 11th SAOIM (SA Online Information Meeting) conference: Innovation in an age of limits, by Lydia Craemer

Tweeters and guest bloggers at the conference – Faith Zalekeli , Lydia Craemer, Danielle Botha and Carmen Davies.

Initially I was very unsure about whether I should attend SAOIM. Once the full programme was made available, I looked at it wondering “what can a law librarian and law libraries gain from this?” However, as I looked at the topics my own personal interest in the topics was piqued and I decided to attend. One of the invited speakers, Maggie Verster had been instrumental in getting me on to Twitter many years ago. I was limited to the number of days and workshops I could attend. Hence I decided from the start that I would follow the conference on Twitter on the days that I could not attend. The goal was to learn from what I was missing. I followed the #SAOIM tweets on 5 June and 7 June favouring quite a few tweets that “spoke” to me and retweeting some that I thought would be of benefit to my followers. (Read the #SAOIM Tweets by Lydia Craemer (@infointuitive) – 5-8 June 2012). Continue reading

Librarians without Limits

 Contributed by Danielle Botha, OSALL

The 11th SAOIM (SA Online Information Meeting) conference , titled: Innovation in an age of limits, and held from 6-7 June 2012, was one of the best SAOIM conferences I’ve attended. In fact, it was so refreshing, it felt like my brain had a shower. Continue reading

Getting Attorneys to Read: the Bell Dewar Book Club

Submited by Olwyn Garratt, Knowledge Manager, Bell Dewar, South Africa. 

The Bell Dewar Book Club was proposed by Bell Dewar’s Managing Director, Blaize Vance, as an initiative for first year candidate attorneys to promote the habit of reading. At the first meeting the group were given set pieces to read from Freakonomics (Levitt & Dubner) and What the Dog Saw (Gladwell) and these formed the basis for a discussion on looking beyond the obvious in any given situation. This meeting was followed by a couple of sessions at which we looked at topical business issues and the media coverage on each. Continue reading