Fastcase 50 Honorees Include 4 American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Members     

Congratulations to the four American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) members below who were named to the Fastcase 50 Class of 2022. Lindsey Carpino and Clanitra Stewart Nejdl are also members of the Private Law Librarians and Information Professionals (PLLIP) Special Interest Section.  Lindsey teamed up with Annie Mentkowski on the “Review-It” legal tech tool that won the 2021 AALL Innovation Showcase Awards in three categories.

Jean O’Grady, another AALL and PLLIP member, wrote about the Fastcase 50 class on her Dewey B. Strategic blog,  Bob Ambrogi wrote about Lindsey and Annie’s Review-It tool on his LawSites blog in August 2021,

Thanks to Fastcase for recognizing the efforts and achievements of these four dedicated individuals, and for Fastcase’s continual support of the law librarian and information professional community.

View the full Fastcase 50 Class of 2022:

Lindsey Carpino, Legal Content Services Supervisor, BakerHostetler

From the Fastcase announcement:

Lindsey Carpino Legal Content Services Supervisor, BakerHostetler 

Lindsey Carpino is a leader in the world of emerging and transformative technologies. In her current role as Legal Content Services Supervisor at BakerHostetler, Lindsey has contributed towards the development of an innovative new tool called “Review-it”. This crowdsourced platform provides anonymous legal resource reviews to the law library community at large in an effort to save time and individual analysis. She has been recognized for this achievement with a sweeping win in all three of the award’s categories at the first-ever AALL Innovation Showcase. Lindsey is also at the forefront of helping litigators navigate the intersection of digital business, technology, and the law, through her regular support of BakerHostetler’s IncuBaker team, an in-house technology accelerator at the firm. Her work spotlights the importance of legal research services and content in data-centered projects.

Cassandra Laskowski, Associate Librarian, Head of Research, Data & Instruction, University of Arizona College of Law

From the Fastcase announcement:

Associate Librarian, Head of Research, Data & Instruction, University of Arizona College of Law 

Cas Laskowski is the Head of Research, Data & Instruction at the University of Arizona’s Law Library, where she works with faculty, staff, and students to build legal technology skills. Cas is an advocate for free or low-cost resources, a critical element for practitioners setting out on their own. Cas also has set up virtual library experiences for students, adapting the student orientation experience to the pandemic era. A modernizing law librarian, she co-edited and published the open access textbook Introduction to Law Librarianship, which has been included in Spinelli’s Law Library Reference Shelf on HeinOnline. Cas is a founding fellow of the IDEA Institute on AI, an innovative, weeklong workshop to train the community of information science professionals. In addition to her past work as a Technology and Research Services librarian at Duke, she worked as a geospatial analyst in the U.S. Army, which included serving more than 15 months in Iraq. Her areas of interest and expertise include the ethical implications of artificial intelligence, privacy, censorship, A2J, and the intersection of national security and individual liberty.

Annie Mentkowski, Agency Librarian, United States Railroad Retirement Board

From the Fastcase announcement:

Annie Mentkowski Agency Librarian, United States Railroad Retirement Board

Annie Mentkowsk is the Agency Librarian at the United States Railroad Retirement Board, an agency that oversees retirement, healthcare, and survivorship benefits for American railroad workers. Annie’s accomplishments go well beyond her work at the agency, however. She is one of the minds behind “Review-It”, a new legal tech tool that won the 2021 AALL Innovation Showcase Awards in three categories (government, law firm, and law school). The tool, which she co-created with Lindsey Carpino of BakerHostetler (also a Fastcase 50 2022 winner), serves as a “Yelp!” for law librarians – a crowdsourced review system that shares feedback on legal resources with the law library community in an anonymized way. Annie’s work is a great example of innovation being a rising tide that lifts all boats; Review-It is set to improve law libraries worldwide by encouraging the dissemination of critical feedback for the way legal data is organized and made available to legal professionals everywhere.

Clanitra Stewart Nejdl, Research Services Librarian; Head of Professional Development; Law Library Lecturer in Law, Vanderbilt Law School

From the Fastcase announcement:

Research Services Librarian; Head of Professional Development; Law Library Lecturer in Law, Vanderbilt Law School 

Clanitra Stewart Nejdl’s enthusiasm for law librarianship, both nationally and in her home program at Vanderbilt Law, is self-evident. Clanitra started her career practicing in Georgia and South Carolina, where she worked for the public interest, representing indigent clients and advocating for policy change on behalf of low-income communities. In her second career as a librarian, Clanitra coordinates Vanderbilt’s Prepare to Practice series, which connects students with members of the surrounding legal community. She has held several leadership positions in the American Association of Law Librarians (AALL), and she is currently a member of the AALL Spectrum Editorial Board and a member of the AALL Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Awareness Special Committee. In fact, much of Clanitra’s scholarly writing and speaking is done on the topic of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA), which her nominator relayed is “a key tenet of [Clanitra’s] pedagogical philosophy, and she has taken every opportunity to promote it within the profession.”

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