Looking Forward to the PLLIP Summit: Full Agenda Now Available

The Private Law Librarians and Information Professionals Special Interest Section has prepared a timely and thoughtful program for Friday, July 16th, open to both members and non-members.  The theme of the program is Hindsight is 2021: Responding to Chaos and Change, and the Committee has secured engaging and dynamic presenters to share their insights with attendees.  Breakout sessions will allow for attendee participation and interaction with colleagues.  Please see below for more details on the Summit agenda.

To register for the 2021 Summit, please visit the AALL registration page here. Please note Registration deadline is July 2, 2021, **with zero exceptions**

Hindsight is 2021: Responding to Chaos and Change

 8:30 am Pacific / 9:30 am Mountain / 10:30 am Central / 11:30 am Eastern
Keynote Address – April Rinne

2020 saw more change and uncertainty than most people were ready for. The world was in flux: changes at work and at home, schedule changes and school changes, ever-changing plans and expectations. It was a lot! And yet, one year later in July 2021, the world is in just as much flux — it simply looks different, and it’s here to stay. What does “hybrid work” really mean? What new skills will be required? And of course, how can law librarians harness this uncertainty to their own and their organizations’ advantage? 

We’ll kick off this year’s summit by zooming out — beyond any one change management strategy, tool, or technique — to explore our relationships to change, period. When everything is in flux, what does it mean to have a “Flux Mindset?” You’ll learn practices to boost your self-awareness and see change differently. April Rinne is both a lawyer and a futurist. She’ll help us look back and look forward. This isn’t about any one change or any one year, but rather preparing for a future in flux — and thriving in it!

9:45 am P / 10:45 am M / 11:45 am C / 12:45 pm E
Facilitated Discussion Groups in Breakout Rooms

Join one of the topics below and discuss these current issues with your colleagues. Multiple rooms will be available per topic, and participants will be able to move between rooms.

The future of print. What is your organization doing with print?  Share your successes and failures with removing print from your collection.  How to deal with training attorneys, working with vendors, and utilizing creative solutions.

Training, marketing, and engaging attorneys. How to reach out to attorneys in an online or hybrid environment.  What tools have you used to facilitate adoption of online tools?  Share your tips, tricks, successes and failures – and learn from your colleagues. 

Technology tips. Applying Online Tools in the Library – ex: Gannt Charts and Project Management; Excel Pivot Tables; SharePoint for statistics, FAQs, request tracking; Winning internet designs and strategies. Share your best kept secrets and learn from the group.

New employees. Can new hires be remote or hybrid?  How to onboard new library employees in a remote or hybrid environment.

Team members, training and building relationships. How can you participate in team training or social opportunities while working from home.  Do you want to be in the office for evaluations? Share your tips and learn from others about how to build relationships in the evolving new environment.

Preparing to go back. Is your firm considering hybrid schedules?  How can we help employees that won’t be allowed to work from home?  Will there be new safety measures?  Will the library be providing new hours for your patrons? Are we ready for the next pandemic? 

10:30 am P / 11:30 am M / 12:30 pm C / 1:30 pm E
Take a Break!

10:45 am P / 11:45 am M/ 12:45 pm C / 1:45 pm E
Fireside Chat with David Lat

David Lat has unique personal perspectives on chaos and change. He has made multiple career changes over the years — from lawyer to legal journalist to legal recruiter and back to legal journalist — often during periods of great upheaval. As the founder and managing editor of Above the Law (“ATL”), which he led from 2006 to 2017, he had a front seat to chaos and change in the legal industry — especially the financial crisis a decade ago, which he covered closely at ATL.

Last March, David came down with a severe case of Covid-19. He spent three weeks in the hospital, including a week in the intensive care unit on a ventilator, fighting for his life. In the wake of his Covid experience, he came to realizations about his life and career — which led him to make dramatic personal and professional changes of his own. In a wide-ranging interview with June Liebert, a member of the AALL Executive Board and Director of Information Services at O’Melveny & Myers, David will share candid insights, based on both his experience last year with Covid and as a commentator covering the legal profession for the past two decades.

11:45 am P / 12:45 am M / 1:45 pm C / 2:45 pm E
Facilitated Discussion Groups in Breakout Rooms

Join one of the rooms (see topics above) and discuss these current issues with your colleagues. Multiple rooms will be available per topic, and participants will be able to move between rooms.

12:30 pm P / 1:30 pm M / 2:30 pm C / 3:30 pm E 
Take a Break!

12:45 pm P / 1:45 pm M / 2:45 pm C / 3:45 pm E 
Restocking Your Change Toolkit: An Interactive Workshop with Brie Leung

Join your PLLIP peers and Brie Leung, a seasoned facilitator and change agent, for this fast-paced workshop all about surviving and thriving in a changing world. Leveraging multiple change management frameworks and real life experience, Brie will equip participants with concrete tools and fresh ideas centered around her 4 Truths to Change, which are:

  1. Change is a process.
  2. People have an emotional, human reaction to change.
  3. Successful change creates great leaders.
  4. Change is constant and it isn’t going away.

Come prepared to engage through polls, chats and independent exercises and walk away with a restocked toolkit for navigating and leading change in your personal and professional lives.

2:15 pm P / 3:15 pm M/ 4:15 pm C/ 5:15 pm E 
Take a Break!

2:30 pm P / 3:30 pm M / 4:30 pm C / 5:30 pm E 
Social Hour Sponsored by Bloomberg Law
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