Promoting the Value of Law Firm Knowledge Management and Librarians

Over the last year a diverse group of PLLIP volunteers has worked on a plan to help elevate our voice and message to the law firm C-suite.  Our message is this:

“With our unique skills, institutional and cultural knowledge, and expertise, today’s law librarians go beyond traditional knowledge management and legal research to lead the way on discovery and adoption of technology and provide the deep and authentic human insight necessary to drive practice innovation, operational efficiencies, and the business/legal intelligence that the law firm C-suite require to remain competitive.”

This plan, recently presented at the AALL annual meeting, is now in place. It includes the following elements:

  • Targeted presentations at national and regional legal industry conferences
  • A full series of powerful thought-leadership articles and blogs published on the website
  • Distribution of relevant content though social media including Twitter, My Communities on , and a quarterly email newsletter to keep you informed
  • Building more direct relationships with influencers and the legal press

Here is how all of our members can help:

As the new Chair of the PLLIP section, I am committed to proactively elevating our voice and our value throughout the legal industry. With your help and support, we can make a difference.

Elaine Egan
Chair of PLLIP 



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