Leader Profile of Stosh Jonjak of Morgan Lewis

Some more information on Stosh Jonjak, who submitted Monday’s post on news aggregators for law library-related news.

Stosh’s bio information:

Stosh Jonjak joined the Pittsburgh office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP in January 2016 after almost six years as a reference librarian at Reed Smith, also based in Pittsburgh. As the Manager of Library Services for Morgan Lewis’ Pittsburgh location, Stosh is responsible for research requests for the office, and he also contributes to firmwide Library Manager and Reference teams. Stosh served as President of the Western Pennsylvania Law Library Association (2013-2014) following three years on the WPLLA Board. He was a frequent contributor to the law librarian technology-focused blog iBrary Guy and contributes to its successor site, TILTlegal (Tomorrow’s Information & Legal Technology). Stosh earned his Master’s Degree in Library & Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Library and Information Studies.

With regard to the evolution of the law firm librarian position in the seven years since he entered the profession, Stosh notes how much requests have changed:

“Newer attorneys seem to be well-versed in interfacing with software; I do not get as many questions about how to actually navigate software as I used to. I think it’s a combination of newer associates being better-versed in technology, and also user interfaces improving usability. Now, rather than helping someone navigate through an interface, a lot of reference requests revolve around filling in the blanks on how data even gets created from a macro-level, e.g. how the legislative process works, what specialized software has what unique data, why some materials are not available electronically, etc.”

Communicating with different groups within the firm:

When Stosh started working as a reference librarian at Reed Smith, he observed how John DiGilio, the library manager, communicated with the attorneys, IT, marketing, and library staff, adapting his communication to the various audiences which have their own ‘ecosystems’ in the law firm environment. Observing John helped Stosh develop his understanding of working in private law libraries and helped him formulate his work style and ethic as he moved forward in the field.

Reflections on working in a satellite office as a solo librarian:

Stosh has found adjusting to a different environment as a solo librarian in a satellite office only a slight challenge.  He especially enjoys staying busy with interesting reference questions or evaluating new software. The initial library orientation with new attorneys is the real launching pad for him to reach out to the practitioners in his office. Stosh tries to emphasize contacting the library for help to get attorneys into this practice.  He finds small talk about workload is also a good method for generating requests.  He follows up the typical shoptalk with a “Do you need help with anything?”, and that has kept him pretty busy.

On cranberries and change…

If he hadn’t landed in the law library profession, Stosh says he might have been a cranberry farmer in northern Wisconsin. He notes that “Jonjaks have been growing cranberries for a few generations at this point, (and) cranberry juice is literally in (his) blood!”…His advice for new librarians just starting out is “Just be adaptable to change. We are seeing more often than ever how workflows and established practices can quickly change, and librarians can’t be resistant to this.”

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