The 2016 Private Law Librarians and Information Professionals Summit – It’s Time to Make a Strategic Impact


by Jeremy Sullivan, Manager Library Research Services at DLA Piper LLP and Co-Chair of PLLIP Summit

Private law librarians and information professionals have a long history of bringing new technologies and processes into their organizations, with an eye to enhancing service and improving client support. From the early adoption of online research platforms, to the implementation of knowledge management solutions, and through the manipulation and repurposing of big data, information professionals have a proven track record of providing practical and innovative solutions.

The question that the PLLIP Summit will strive to answer is “What’s next?” Now in its sixth year, the 2016 PLLIP Summit has the goal of taking what we have done, what we know, and who we know and putting it all to strategic use in our organizations.

For many information professionals, there may be a nagging concern that the innovation we have brought to bear is happening in a vacuum. We have metrics on adoption of new research tools, data on the most frequently used documents on our systems, and a notion of where our organizations fit into the broader marketplace. However, we often feel one step removed from the knowledge of how all of these tools and workflows impact the overarching long-term strategy of the organization.

The goal of this year’s Summit is to empower information professionals to start bridging this gap. As in years past, we’ll feature a keynote speech which will explore the current state of the legal marketplace. Eric Seeger, principal at Altman Weil, will provide this overview of where things stand, what law firm leaders are most worried about, and what role strategy plays in forecasting success. Paul Meyer, President and Co-CEO of Tecker International, will pick up on Eric’s themes and lead an interactive session where attendees can learn techniques for thinking and behaving more strategically.

In the afternoon, the program offers three intensive learning sessions, each to be repeated once, allowing Summit participants to attend two out of the three.

In one session, Paul Meyer will return to build on the ideas laid out during his morning presentation. Here, attendees will identify potential roadblocks to their goal of aligning with the strategic plans of the organization, and learn techniques for getting past those obstacles.

Megan Wilroy, Principal Consultant at Akina Group, will lead a session on communicating strategically so as to help information professionals secure buy-in for their plans. As opposed to another standard ‘elevator pitch’ session, Megan’s talk promises to help attendees identify other stakeholders in the organization beyond the ‘C-Suite’ and partner with them to create new workflows and efficiencies.

Finally, the third session will feature a panel of information professionals who can discuss relevant success stories – from high-visibility inter-departmental partnerships to start-to-finish information audits – and how these successes were achieved.

At the end of this year’s Summit, attendees will re-convene for a unique networking opportunity that will provide an opportunity to distill what has been learned, to create a list of action items to take back to the organization, and most importantly, to commit to holding each other accountable for meeting these goals.

More information about the 2016 PLLIP Summit including the full agenda, speaker bios and registration information is available on the PLLIP Summit blog. As always, we thank our vendor partners for their generous support of what has become a crucial event for the Private Law Librarian and Information Professional community.

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