Private Law Libraries Summit Acts a Catalyst to Promote Grander Vision of Law Firm Library Services

Elaine M. Knecht
Director of Information Resources
Hiscock & Barclay, LLP

The PLL-SIS Change As Action Summit and the AALL Annual Meeting were four exhilarating days. Not wanting to risk forgetting any of the inspiring talks or valuable ideas, I composed a two-page executive summary first thing Wednesday morning. This went to the firm’s library partner, managing director, and executive director. In addition, I sent J. Eric Charlton, our library partner, the comments posted to this blog on August 3rd by speaker Greg Castanias , as well as a link to the transcript of Castanias’ lunch-time talk. MD and ED both made brief positive comments about the summary, but Eric’s response was an exciting suggestion. Let’s show this to the Management Committee, he said. And let’s “package it with some grander vision of what we need to be doing to continue to serve our internal and external clients.” It’s not often you get an offer like that, so we are brainstorming about just what vision of the library we want management to see. We’ll be talking about the intranet, SharePoint, knowledge management, how research time is billed, engagement letters, the “virtual-ness” of the present and future library (we are a service, not a space), and how better to communicate all this to our patrons. I hope you are doing the same.

Visit the PLL Summit Program Blog Page to hear the sessions, read biographies of our speakers and to comment on how you are using the Summit to catapult your library into the future.

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